FlipandShare digital publication software by Mirabel Technologies makes it simple to create beautiful, crisp, clear, and readable digital publications.

Create impressive, intuitive and affordable digital publications. Create once, pay once, and publish everywhere. If you need your own branded app, we will create it for you.

FlipandShare can be used to produce simple print copies or to create impressive, high quality digital editions by publishers, real estate companies, schools, individuals, or by large multi-media companies. Use FlipandShare to create:

  • Company publications or brochures
  • Trade publications
  • Educational publications
  • Real Estate, Yachting, Auto publications
  • Magazine digital editions
  • Newspaper digital editions

Provide services for advertisers with hyperlinks, mailto links, e-commerce, audio, embedded video, linked video, and give the readers an amazing interactive digital publication with an easy to use reader and crisp clean text and images.

Our standard analytics package gives you feedback on downloads, subscriber details, visits, page views, social sharing, page view by device and more.

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Cloud based

We operate in the cloud so you or your staff have access 24/7 to FlipandShare from the office, home or when traveling.

High Speed

Regardless of your distribution platform, FlipandShare ensures your digital editions are optimized with the best compression and caching algorithms for the best possible size/quality combination to provide the highest download speed and best looking display possible. This guarantees an overall enhanced reader experience.


Branded Apps

For a $1,499 one time charge, we create the app, take care of all future updates, maintenance, and post analytics within FlipandShare. Have your own app in iTunes, Google Play Store, and the Kindle Play Store, all included in the price.



Include audio files or take it a step further and create beautiful video content. You can upload files or use uploaded content from YouTube, Vimeo, or similar. You decide if it should be embedded or linked video.


Offline viewing

Readers can enjoy offline reading on tablets when publishing with FlipandShare. Our Newsstand is available for free downloads on Apple, Android, and Kindle devices.



Our analytics package gives you valuable understanding of your readers. Check page views, visitors, where readers are accessing your edition (HTML or Tablets), and much more.


Social Media

When readers want to share your publication, they can utilize our social sharing features which allow sharing of full pages and clipped pages. In other words the reader decides exactly what they want to share.



FlipandShare is available on all devices that have web access, regardless of size, thanks to the responsive design.

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FlipandShare digital publications are created using the latest technology that allows readers to access your publication on any device from smart phones, tablets to computers.

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Simple Pricing, No Surprises

  • Table of Contents
  • Interactivity
  • Rich media
  • Analytics
  • E-Commerce
  • Branded App

About Us

FlipandShare Digital production software is part of Mirabel Technologies, the world's leader in media technology solutions. Mirabel is one of the early pioneers of web-based software with a focus on creating efficiencies by eliminating multiple software systems. Mirabel's Magazine Manager, Digital Studio and FlipandShare products creates a software suite that centralizes CRM, sales, production, accounts receivable, pagination, and digital editions information into one web-based software package. We are constantly innovating and upgrading to the newest technology and hope you enjoy FlipandShare.